Champion versus Champion Clashed at ONE Fighting Championship

Igor Brandon 01 

(Photo credits: Jamil Buergo)

Fist Gym MMA fighter Igor Subora executed his gameplan perfectly but still fell short in his bid to win his heavyweight match against former UFC veteran, BJJ black belt and kickboxing champion Brandon Vera during their One Fighting Championship (ONE FC) held in Manila on December 5, 2014. The former URCC heavyweight champion, sporting a record of 4-1, found himself in trouble during the opening seconds but regained composure after surviving knee strikes and a head kick by Vera. Subora got his rhythm and dished out several left hooks that found their mark. These prompted Vera to dodge and weave from Subora’s succeeding flurry of punches. Just when Subora was already in his zone, Vera threw a straight that landed on Subora’s chin. This floored the former URCC champ as Vera threw soccer kicks that landed on the back of Subora’s head. With the fighter’s safety in mind, the referee stepped in to stop the bout, in favor of Vera for a TKO win.

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